December 26th, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Haven’t posted in a while… I think a break is definitely in order… lots of exciting stuff in the new year… Hells Oui is europe bound!  Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Barcelona.  New pics are coming soon, Promise.

December 18th, 2009

Look du Jour

Everyone said I  looked angry yesterday… must be the jean jacket

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December 16th, 2009

Look du Jour | purp

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December 16th, 2009

Daily Doodle

Cleaned and threaded the serger… seems to be running ok… just some thread tension adjustments and I should be all set for the weekend.  Looking to have something done by Sunday.  Btw… metallic thread has zero strength, and I have eight 500yd rolls… time to learn how to embroider? yeahhhh no.

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December 15th, 2009

Mail | Metallic serger thread & bobbins

Yes… it’s gold and silver.

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December 15th, 2009

Look du Jour

An RL plaid shirt I altered months ago… on a side note… I need to do something new to  my hair.

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December 15th, 2009

Work in Progress | Midnight oil

Finally done drawing and cutting the patterns.  Hopefully they’ll pay off in the long run.  Pants are definitely next.  Now all I have to do is learn how to thread that serger.

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December 14th, 2009

Chop Shop | the kid in me

I snagged this photo off of Speedhunters. Thought the pic would make for a good start to this section. Come spring, you’ll start to see more and more chop shop posts.

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December 14th, 2009

Look du Jour | that Jacket…

A “hand-me-down” from my father.  I’ve never saw him as a style icon when I was younger, as he worked so hard for the fam.  But in his prime, he was the man…  He had matching paisley inside all his mtm suits.  (When I say the man… I mean this is a 2 piece mustard yellow suit… yeah… try pulling that off)

EDIT P1020775

EDIT P1020777

(Mustard yellow mtm suit jacket, zara white shirt, navy benetton cords, blood/white striped belt, blood red shoes)

December 14th, 2009

Yesterday’s Look du Jour | aquafresh…

“I wear long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts under long sleeve shirts” ~ stewie aka jack soyer

EDIT P1020768

(diesel mint tee, pastel pink polo, gstar jeans, wing tipped vulcs)

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