March 31st, 2010

Chop Shop | Stripped

So I popped by Autozone yesterday to pick up some autostripper.  I must say… this stuff is amazing.  Low odor, no overspray, and quick turnover time.

EDIT P1050235

Took apart the lock assembly… debating whether I should strip the paint off of this too.

EDIT P1050236

Started popping some holes in a box to set the screws in.

EDIT P1050241

it’s a spray on foam…

EDIT P1050242

So the last person doing the restoration didn’t remove the door latch mechanisms and just painted over them…

EDIT P1050243

and… back to stock.

March 30th, 2010

Look du Jour | All black everything.

EDIT P1050234

March 30th, 2010

Chop Shop | Couldn’t handle…

So yeah… the drivers side door handle wasn’t opening from the outside… probably something you’ll never experience… but when you have to walk around to the passenger side every time you want to open a door… it gets old real quick… everything that followed was well… a small fiasco.

EDIT P1050211

Door cards out…

EDIT P1050215

It wasn’t the door latch mechanism… so it had to be the door handle’s button…. there were 2 adjustment screws built into the back of the button… so cool… door handle fixed.

EDIT P1050219

This epoxy syringe came in handy… I put grease in it and went to town rustproofing the entire door and window assembly.

EDIT P1050220

It works wonders as you can get the tip in really tight areas, and the pressure of the syringe really forces the grease into crevices, and most importantly… it doesn’t make a mess.

EDIT P1050225

The Sprite logos in the door sills were fading quick…

EDIT P1050227

I salvaged what I could with some masking tape… when I have some time, I’ll vectorize it… vinyl sticker, stencil??? Any suggestions?

EDIT P1050230

The aftermath…

EDIT P1050232

One of my favourite pics… either that or I’m high off chrome polish.

March 28th, 2010

Chop Shop | Elbow grease.

So I think it’s pretty much decided that I need to invest in a buffer, because 4 – 5 hrs per panel is just reedic.

EDIT P1050182

The grill was very very difficult to take off… I masked the trim off so I wouldn’t scratch it.

EDIT P1050184

Done… Time for some cleaning.

EDIT P1050186

Might as well take everything off… All the chrome has to be polished anyways.

EDIT P1050190

March 28th, 2010

Look du Jour | Birthday party…

Yes… that is a bow tie underneath that collar…

EDIT P1050180

March 28th, 2010

Chop Shop | Finally here.

So after an 8:30am “meeting” for work… I head up to NH to pick up the Austin.

EDIT P1050143p

So I found this guy Joseph `on CL to help trailer the car, super nice and very knowledgeable. He’s been restoring classic muscle for 30 years.  Funny who you cross paths with sometimes.

EDIT P1050148

At first we thought we would have to winch it up the trailer.  But it was so light, a few of us just pushed it up.

EDIT P1050151

Up and at them!

EDIT P1050157

I couldn’t resist.

EDIT P1050160

Arriving safely to it’s new home.

EDIT P1050161

Quick test… It fits!

EDIT P1050165

Vacuuming the interior was first priority… I mean… look at that.

EDIT P1050167

After its second bath… it was really dirty…

EDIT P1050169

After the 2 washes, besides not having any feelings in my hands, I noticed overspray on the front end of the car.. must of been from another paint job in the shop… ugghhhh.

EDIT P1050172

A couple hours (and a lot of energy) later… I’m almost done the front quarter…

EDIT P1050174

Just chilling….

March 28th, 2010

Chop Shop | Something’s clicking…

Thinking it was the parking brake… I take the entire assembly apart to find out it was actually ok… and that it was the CV axle… great.

EDIT P1050136

EDIT P1050137

Sooooo much more convenient.

EDIT P1050138

Sweet rotor dude.

March 25th, 2010

Chop Shop | Pleasant surprise

So my boss walks over to my desk just now and goes… “Hey Tang… what did you get?” I look over and there’s a package… I wasted no time opening it… ha

EDIT P1050131

The OG steering wheel for the Austin… SWEET

EDIT P1050133

March 24th, 2010

Look du Jour | Black & Blue

EDIT P1050128

March 24th, 2010

Sightings | Infinitely curious…

A legend.

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