May 31st, 2010

Chop Shop | Polish… Wax… Repeat (Part 2)

So I left off Saturday night with half of the boot lid done… time for the other side.

EDIT P1060882

For the life of me… I could not capture the difference between the two sides… There’s a huge difference…

EDIT P1060889

I thought taking the gas cap off would make life a lot easier…

EDIT P1060890

Close up… it was pretty messy underneath the gasket.

EDIT P1060894

Took a break for lunch… thought this was a nice shot… though a bit burnt.

EDIT P1060900

Opened the garage back up and went at the boot… so far… so good.

EDIT P1060907

I got tired of the polisher rolling over… so I built a lil holster.

EDIT P1060913

Rear end complete.

EDIT P1060917

Passenger’s side rear panel before.

EDIT P1060923


EDIT P1060927

I finally finished the body… wow… that took.. forever.

EDIT P1060933

Onto the parts I took off the rear end.

EDIT P1060936


EDIT P1060939

I knew I saved those inner tubes for something!  Yup… Gaskets

EDIT P1060940

Worked out ok…

EDIT P1060944

The license plate light mount was hurting…

EDIT P1060947

New gasket!

EDIT P1060951

First thing I did today was strip that license plate light mount…

EDIT P1060955


EDIT P1060956

See that huge dent in the corner?

EDIT P1060963

That was my setup outside.

EDIT P1060968

Had to take another pic… the sun was shining just right.

EDIT P1060969

Primed the gas pipe.

EDIT P1060973

Primed mount and painted gas pipe.

EDIT P1060976

Polished tail pipe.

EDIT P1060981

Tracing the old back panel.

EDIT P1060983

Another view

EDIT P1060985

Traced… ready to cut

EDIT P1060992

Test fit with speaker grill

EDIT P1060995


EDIT P1060996

Test fit in the car.

EDIT P1060998

Roll out that carpet!

EDIT P1070001

Contact cement and stick.

EDIT P1070003

One last shot…

EDIT P1070004

Maybe one more.

May 29th, 2010

Chop Shop | Polish… wax… repeat

EDIT P1060765

Yesterday the car went back out into the wild for a brief moment… I took full advantage of the nice weather and pressure washed the car one more time before I started.

EDIT P1060770

Shot from the back

EDIT P1060773

On to the passenger side front fender… notice the oxidation on this panel compared to the bonnett.

EDIT P1060791

First pass with a medium polish pad and 3m rubbing compound.

EDIT P1060792

Finishing with a regular polish pad and menzerna power finish.

EDIT P1060808

Notice that tape line… My apologies.. it was a combination of bad lighting… shitty photography skills

EDIT P1060831

Did the hood one more time before I applied wax.

EDIT P1060840

I started on the driver’s side door today and worked my way around.

EDIT P1060846

Before I started the rear quarter…

EDIT P1060849

I removed the rear bumper… it was overhanging the panel… taking it off was just easier.

EDIT P1060853

Oxidized paint on the rear quarter…

EDIT P1060863

I can’t tell you how much easier it is with a buffer…

EDIT P1060865

License plate holder off… boot lid’s propped up… de-badging and removing the latch.

EDIT P1060875

I have NO idea what the hell the previous owner did… or what I did to deserve this.

EDIT P1060878

I mean LOOK at it….

EDIT P1060881

Much better.

May 29th, 2010

Chop Shop | There will be an update!

But first I would like to announce that I won the dinky toy… Sweet!

Dinky Toy FTW 2

May 27th, 2010

Chop Shop | I’m back…

So before I got back… I ordered some 2000 grit sandpaper, 0000 steel wool, and a mini polishing wheel.

EDIT P1060722

It worked out well… I went to town on this A pillar.

EDIT P1060724

After the first hit of wet sanding… Check out the pattern the aluminum dust and the water makes!

EDIT P1060729

After 4 passes of 2000 grit and a couple passes with the polishing wheel… THat’s about as good as I can get it.

EDIT P1060742

A shot of the inside convertible top snap button…

EDIT P1060745

All taped up and ready to have a windshield mounted!

EDIT P1060760

Time for the threshold piece to get some love… the passenger side was pretty bent out of shape.

May 25th, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo memoires

So what’s Japan without a lil bit of photo booth action!

Tokyo Crew

May 24th, 2010

Sightings | Dinky toys

So I’ve been on the hunt for a toy car version of the Sprite so it can accompany the keys in a gift box.

EDIT Mechanno Toy Sprite - Driver

I’ve finally found one on ebay !!! Hope nobody bids.

EDIT Meccano Toy Sprite - Bottom

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 8

EDIT P1060687

Morning bag of goodies!

EDIT P1060692

So we headed out to Ebisu… Daikanyama to be exact… One of my favourite places… full of really cool shops… VIP vans… and rat rod cafe racers.

EDIT P1060693

And cool bike shops!

EDIT P1060695

If you like bikes… and are in Tokyo… go there…

EDIT P1060697

Elo’s favourite spot!… APC

EDIT P1060700

Sign for a late lunch?… yes please.

EDIT P1060702

What we really should have done was get lunch out the back of one of these vans.

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 7…

EDIT P1060672

So we met up with Saori today… went to the fish market and had some good sushi…

EDIT P1060674

Taxidermy and food… sweet.

EDIT P1060678

A changeroom in Opening Ceremony… Love!

EDIT P1060679

And ended a long day of shopping with the best udon noodles I’ve ever had.

EDIT P1060681

Wouldn’t you say so?

EDIT P1060682

On our way back to the hotel…

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 6… Rainy day wha??

So only Elo and I are left on this trip…

EDIT P1060602

We start our day off as usual… Lawson’s for breakfast snacks…

EDIT P1060605

So we decide to head out to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum… On our way… we pass by a couple of elimentary school kids… loved their bags… buddy system.

EDIT P1060607

I was wondering how these bikes worked… the front end pivots on the main axis.

EDIT P1060610

So we get there… and guess who’s on exhibit?… Hussein Chalayan… Wicked.

EDIT P1060611

Our luck doesn’t end there… We were pretty close to Ryogoku and the Sumo Stadium… so we check to see if there were tickets for tomorrow… and we get there just as the ticket booth was closing and snatched up two tickets!!!

EDIT P1060618

Iced Coffee & tea… Fries… 2 buns… sausage… AND Sumo wrestling?! Elo and I were quite content.

EDIT P1060639

We  caught the final matches of the day… I don’t think we’ve smiled that hard in a while.

EDIT P1060648

Umbrellas filled the air as the crowd exited the stadium… Proper umbrella etiquette is very necessary in these situations.

EDIT P1060658

Sylvian told us about the Bandai showroom… so we booked it over there hoping it would still be open… but we were a bit late.

EDIT P1060654

That didn’t stop us from having fun…

EDIT P1060662

And besides… there’s Kiddyland!  Everything from Pixar to Sanrio to Gibli…

EDIT P1060666

It does get better… Peak Lounge at the Park Hyatt… Think Lost in Translation.

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 5

So it was actually YESTERDAY night that I was out till 4am… and This was the kick in the ass I needed… More coffee!

EDIT P1060571

It’s pretty good stuff.

EDIT P1060572

We passed this bike… I think I’ve seen this bike in an old Tamiya magazine of mine.

EDIT P1060573

The signage here is awesome… The ones on the ground are actually elongated so when you’re looking from afar… they are perfectly legible.

EDIT P1060574

Even the sewer grates are detailed… might as well right…

EDIT P1060577

Vespa + Harley + Akira = the above.

EDIT P1060584

So we finally make it to Senso-Ji Temple…

EDIT P1060586

Everyone takes a photo of the lantern… so I thought I’d shoot the bottom of it.

EDIT P1060589

Tied up prayers?

EDIT P1060594

The temple was quite a tourist trap…so we ducked out early… and hit up a little restaurant. The menu was entirely in Japanese… so we just ordered by dropping our finger on the menu!

EDIT P1060599

After that… we just headed to Harajuku… for some sightseeing and shopping.

EDIT P1060601

Sigh… La Foret… btw.. I really like those I love taboo adverts.

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