May 20th, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo… Day 2

Every day has been pretty packed…

EDIT P1060254

We hit the imperial palace today… Sylvian and Elo were navigating… I just tagged along…

EDIT P1060250

I love the contrast between nature and the city scape… Tokyo has all of these little gardens and parks sprinkled throughout the city… they’re very calm and peaceful =)

EDIT P1060258

A shot near the front gates.

EDIT P1060261

We hiked it up near the gates of the Imperial Palace… they only open the doors twice a year to the public.

EDIT P1060264

The moat built around the palace was beautiful and tranquil.

EDIT P1060270

Sylvian and Elo expressing their toyko happiness!

EDIT P1060281

There’s nothing quite like this city… the urban planning is just right.

EDIT P1060279

Sylvian and Elo again… they’re 2 of my favourite girls at Reebok…

EDIT P1060288

After that, we headed to Ginza and the fish market… we walked underneath the train tunnel and found a lil restaurant tucked away… we had dinner there afterwards…

EDIT P1060300

Have I mentioned anything about the bikes here yet?… They’re wicked… check out the brake lever on this commuter…

EDIT P1060310

We finally hit the fish market!

EDIT P1060312

Crispy fins anyone… they’re so good.

EDIT P1060315

Elo posing next to her favourite van…

EDIT P1060317

Here are the vehicles they used to transport the tuna… it’s quite interesting as the engine and drive system are housed in that column… you’re basically turning a motor directly chain driven to the wheel… must be heavy no?

EDIT P1060319

Repsol action!

EDIT P1060322

We stopped off at a fast food joint to grab some bbq’d sea urchin and oysters… EDIT P1060325

Wouldn’t be a trek out to the fish market without taking a look at their knives…

EDIT P1060328

Squids getting hung out to dry.

EDIT P1060332

We were lucky to catch this ramen noodle spot before it closed… it was delicious…

EDIT P1060334

My sub par writing/photography skills do not do it justice at all… it was delish.

EDIT P1060340

“Putin ta merde!” lol… too funny!

EDIT P1060342

The diversity of style in just about everything is what I love about Japan… there is such a need to be different… check this bike out… it is badass.

EDIT P1060345

As we headed out of the fish market… we spotted this ginormous tuna head just chillin…

EDIT P1060369

Passed by the OG Kabooki theatre… too bad it was under construction… Japanese opera would have been an unusual treat.

EDIT P1060372

Ducked into a Kimono shop… Check the prints.

EDIT P1060374

Apparently this is one of the busiest streets in Tokyo… It all looks crazy to me.

EDIT P1060381

A lucky shot… Elo trying on a pair of pants at La Foret… oh yeah… the department stores here are insane… We literally spent from 2:30 – close and didn’t even finish…

EDIT P1060402

Closing time… we were all exhausted an thirsty… Sylvian deciding what to buy from the 6 vending machines.


Quick snap outside of Shinjuku Station.

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  1. the whole thing makes me jealous.. good for you rob.. i am especially envious of the fish market and sushi knives

    Comment by scoots — May 22, 2010 @ 8:19 pm

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