November 22nd, 2010

Made | Book Part II

November 22nd, 2010

Look du Jour | Denim blazer

That I semi-designed… and by “semi designed” I mean chose materials, and chalked lined the details.

November 15th, 2010

Adventures | Bos>HK>CHN>VN>HK>BOS

AND…. I’m back.

Just a few pics from the trip…

Typical drive back from the factory… This was in China… by the end of these drives, your neck feels amazing.

At the tailors spot in Vietnam… That day it rained the most in Ho Chi Mihn in 50 Years… and I went for a scooter ride in that rain… I’ve never felt so alive in a while… Thanks Sang.

We ended up around the China town area… She took me through some alleyways, and ended up in a market that was only wholesale fabrics and sewing accessories.  I ended up buying 8 large spools and 40 small spools of thread!

No trek would be complete without some street food!

Wrapped that night up with several drinks on the terrace.

And… I’m back. Sorry for the lack of photos… I either forgot my cam… or it was too rainy to even take it out.

Here’s the damage after unpacking… I think I did pretty well no?

Quick close up… Matte cutter, thread, pinking shears, perforation cutter… etc etc etc.

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