December 21st, 2010

Chop Shop | New Toys…

Congratulations on your new toys guys!

December 19th, 2010

Sightings | Contrast

I thought that was rather funny.

December 17th, 2010

Bought | Jack!

So… I finally caved in and bought a cheapo 1.5t aluminum jack from Harbor Freight… I was very hesitant until the dude at the cash register told me AAA had just bought 100 units to put in all their trucks!  Since I’m a nerd about this shit… here’s the comparo to my trusted 3 tonner.

I was really going to get one the size of my 3 tonner… but I needed something I could do long treks with… and this fit the bill… or trunk…. AND I don’t need to break my back lifting it into the trunk.

But what I was really looking for was the low profile… I’m tired of using blocks.

After 4-5 pumps.

Full extension.

I haven’t tested it out yet… but if it sucks… I’m going to return it for the bigger one!

December 17th, 2010

Chop Shop | Don’s Bug

One last horrah before the holidays… We made a quick stop off at Harbor Freight to grab a bending brake first… WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  It made everything so much faster.

The rear quarter panel… (I can’t believe I’m calling it a rear quarter.. ha..) was very difficult to figure out.  There were 3 folds that converged to one point.

Here’s a pic of the pattern drafted onto the scrap aluminum panel.

Quick fit test… not finished… but pretty damn close… it was 12am… so I shot a couple more pics and peaced.

The massive new intake manifold that surprisingly fit the bay.

Don fitting some turbo piping.

Don: “Hey… what do you fink about thees exhaust?”

Me: “Are you going for the Bōsōzoku look?”

Don: “BO SO ZOOO KU!!!!!!”

CF cockpit with the 5 point… just a quick note… the webbing on that 5pt is 3″ wide!

The ice box for the air/water intercooler… I really like how Don used the stock mounting points on the water cooler.

Shot of the gas tank straps.

December 15th, 2010

Chop Shop | Week in review

Lots of things happening this past week… It started off with Mike’s Bike… He broke his hand cuz he sucks at riding.. HA.. I kid… but here he is cleaning it up for the winter.

Don finally receiving his Garret Turbo! Might be the happiest I’ve ever seen him.


I’m  still a bit nervous about the piping sticking out that far… maybe a cage around that? ha

My job was the sheet metal fab… That’s the carboard stencil that was used to make the pattern.

There it is.. almost done… I had to use a 3″ wide hand bender to do that top curve around the cage.

Here’s a shot of the cockpit.

December 8th, 2010

Chop Shop | Don’s buggy

New direction… the goal is 1hp/1kg!

Don’s aiming for 700 awdhp!… his entire fuel system had to be revamped with AN 8 fittings!

We finished the fuel cell mounting straps…

You’re probably thinking….what’s with the water cooler? that will be a reservoir for ice cold coolant, which will be fed to the water/air intercooler up front by that pump below it.

What can Don be contemplating?

Maybe the wiring… but that’s just a guess.

December 7th, 2010

Weekend in NY

Saturday Brunch was awesome…

Quick game of… I forgot what it was called.

After that… we filled a couple of jars with whiskey… and we were off.

for a walk in the park!

It got dark quick.

And cold…

Still ended up climbing a tree… super random… but fun.

Steph will take pics with pretty much anything…

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