January 28th, 2011

Sightings | Khan Academy

I’ve been enriching myself one lesson at a time.  Sal is Amazing!  If you’re reading this… GO TO HIS SITE!


January 26th, 2011

Chop Shop | Bits and pieces

Short shift kit…check… SS brake lines….check… good weather for installation… no check.

January 22nd, 2011

Chop Shop | Success

So I disconnected the power for 1/2hr and went to town…airbag connector off… T25 torx x 2 off…

Airbag off…

New wheel on!

I like…a lot

January 21st, 2011

Chop Shop | That’s a wrap

With the pattern cut… I have to note… I made a rookie mistake when calculating the circumference… You have to take the stretch of the material into account…. what I did to remedy this was to make two breaks in the pattern… which in the end turned out to be quite functional.

With a bit of a fight… it fit… I was surprised.

Oh yes… One thing I forgot to mention on the last post was how I marked the wheel as I removed the stock cover… This helps align the new pattern piece.

Starting to stitch it together.

So far so good…


Spoke detail.

QC this ish.

The bottom spoke wasn’t too bad.

The stitch consistency varied a bit as I set the tension low on the sewing machine… The next one I do will be tighter.

January 21st, 2011

Chop Shop | Circular directional device

Check out what showed up at work yesterday! Yup… a brand spanking used sturring wheel.

I was kind of worried/disappointed about the 9 o’clock as there was heavy wear on the spoke… something I wouldn’t have been able to repair.

Looking at this gives me a bit of a headache.

The hub was pretty dirty… you detailing geeks are going to cringe… I used a toothbrush and Meguiars natural shine.

Started off by removing the wrap… cutting the thread just felt wrong… but it’s for the better I guess.

Wrap off!

9 o’clock was the worst of the spokes… so I started with that.  I had thought the previous owner wore through the skin with his/her thumb… but thankfully… it was just a build up of crud.

Inside the hub, there were 3 mounting holes of some sort… they looked bad.

My hole punch already had the perfect cutouts!

Much better… and yes… I know you can’t see that part.

Horn button brushed and polished.

Assembled and lookin new.

Next was plotting the pattern… Stay tuned!… Imma be wrappin tonight.

January 17th, 2011

Bought | More Tools!

Oh Harbor Freight… you’re so affordable… ha

January 17th, 2011

Aujourd’hui | Well… last week.

The aftermath of a blizzard in Boston…. sweet not.

A lot of cursing and an hour later… she’s free!

January 17th, 2011

Made | Bag 1.0

Over the past few days… Plotting, cutting, and assembly has finally commenced… As much as I planned… I found myself improvising just as much… which I don’t really like doing… but my sub par sewing/knowledge renders me with the need to do much of the latter.

Here’s the concept… an over-the-shoulder man purse (professional) that can be converted into a back pack (go time)… the red cord system (rope) will constrict as you pull from the back side and become the back pack handles.

Laying out the material…

Patterns cut… time to sew.

Sewing the box stitches at the bottom… btw… I hate box stitching (I suck at box stitching)

So the front pocket is a combination of a fisherman’s pocket and an iphone sleeve… basically you open the flap and pull on it… the flap is connected to the front fabric panel (body) and lifts the iphone to your hand… this pocket satisfies my inner geek.

So yeah… the opening of the bag had a curve… 4th time’s a charm…I did mention my sub par sewing right? Don’t judge…

Not too bad after ironing right?

Stitching the topline down.

I quickly roped it up and snapped a pic… it was kinda taking shape.

Here’s the back side of the bag… as you can see, the rope runs through the entire bag.

As you pull on the back side of the bag, the over-the-shoulder handles constrict… on thing to note… the rope carries all of the weight… so there is no strain on the material itself… making it capable of carrying a laptop and other goods with no problems… hopefully.

January 10th, 2011

Made | Next Project

Grey canvas + tonal paisley + mutli-colour cord = …………

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