February 28th, 2011

Chop Shop | Snapshot

There is a very large tech.geek.lighting.customfab.etc post coming.

February 22nd, 2011

Sightings | Honey!

So… I was getting something made downstairs in the model shop at work… and randomly see a rack of honey… Workshop & Honey… so I ask Joe… what gives… He schools me on the 7 hives he owns and rents… he nets about 300lbs of honey yearly!… needless to say… I was a happy customer…. Honey + Black Coffee

February 14th, 2011

Chop Shop | I’m a Deer…

Caught up in the light game…
I took the leap…
There’s no turning back now…

Things to come:

All new acrylic lenses up front
Morimoto mini H1 bi-xenon projector kit + 5000k 35w HID kit
3000k HID fog kit. (Aimed lower internally and used occasionally)
3M Protective film all around.

Retrofit time next week… You ready? I am.
I’m hoping for something similar to this…

February 14th, 2011

Made | Gift

I’ve had this blank diy munny doll for a while now.

Thought I’d put it to good use as a small wedding gift…

I basically took this pattern… A parade they went to in London… (Each elephant was decorated by country)


1/2 way done.

and done…

February 6th, 2011

Chop Shop | Geekin out

Since I bought a used DS fog assembly… this broken one has just been kicking around in the garage… and since I’m on this lighting rampage… I thought I’d rip this unit apart to see how they worked and whether the projector lens would be suitable for an hid upgrade.

The internals have seen better days.

I find out the frame is bolted on at 4 points on the valence… the foglight housing on the other hand… 1 screw.

5 minutes later… I came back with my fogs.

After heat gunning the perimeter… I was able to access the projector lens.

I liked what I saw…

Built a jig for the bottom cap.

Drilled relief holes for the Bulb.

And… they’re in. I do want to just get another volt kit instead of this flakey unit… we’ll see.

February 5th, 2011

Chop Shop | HID instal

So I finally caved and bought a set of HIDs.  I had a pretty bad first experience with after market junk… and did a bit of research on stores and kits.  Xenon Depot (AKA kbcarstuff) seemed to have great reviews on their Plug and play volt kit… and the pics of the unit looked pretty solid… so I gave them a try.

Out of the box… the ballasts felt solid… I think they’re cast aluminum casing… I do like the slim ballast… but the extra box (plastic)… not so much.  It’s like having a slim laptop and a big ass AC adapter…

Everything’s pretty straight forward.

There was one modification… the low beam and high beam were setup in a way that when you flash your HB’s the LB’s turn off via the LB/HB relays…. so the hack is to connect pin 30 on both relays.

Here’s how they looked before I put them back into the fuse box. The reason for this hack… xenon bulbs don’t like quick on/off cycles… Now if I were to flick someone off with my HB’s… the Lows would still be on.

First test with halogens… success… time to instal the HID bulbs and ballast.

Bulbs very very carefully installed… time for  the ballasts…. SIde note… my relay harness is coming soon.  I’ll instal it when I receive the package. Also… I didn’t take any pics of the projectors just yet… it wasn’t dark enough.  I’ll do that tomorrow and aim the projectors.

I will leave you with the Shift boot installed.

February 4th, 2011

LDJ | Old jacket

I think I bought this 10 years ago.

February 3rd, 2011

Made | Shift boot part II

Redemption of my failed first attempt.

With smaller patterns cut and machine stitched… I started hand stitching the pieces together… The end result was looking similar to yesterday nights… not good.

After a bit of tugging and pulling of fabric and thread tensions… everything tightened up!

Nothing close to perfect… But a pass in my books.  Here it is with the boot attached.

With the boot frame adhered.

I had sketched this out in the previous post… but due to all the stretching of the suede the exposed aluminum portion just wasn’t a perfect circle… I couldn’t stare at that without being annoyed.

I found a piece of scrap leather from  the Healey’s steering wheel and started skiving it with a file.

Not too bad.

Much better… I do like the subtle contrast of materials… but no one’s going to notice.

February 3rd, 2011

Sightings | A reminder

February 3rd, 2011

Made | Shift boot

I wanted to try something different…

Here’s the sketch… I want the shift boot and knob to be one by wrapping the entire unit.

I didn’t think it was going to be difficult… you know… top piece… bottom piece… boot… sew.

Until I started.

Yeah… not as easy as it looks… I will try again tonight with smaller patterns.

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