May 28th, 2011

Renos | First month back.

I can’t believe so much time has passed… My apologies for not having a post in forever.
Let’s hit the rewind button for a minute.

With everything packed, I set off on my trek back home.

I wasn’t really rushing home this time around… so I decided to stop and snap a few pics…
It was just after the Canaan toll booths… I have always wanted to do it.

Morning after at Scott and Vic’s new place.  Congratulations on everything guys…
It’s an exciting time and I can’t be happier for the both of yous… eh.
btw… you should put a lift in that garage/house/awesomness.

If you’re wondering why this post was under renos… well the party has just begun.

I would like to introduce you to the master bedroom… roughly 400 sq ft of unoccupied space.
This will be my parents’ new  room… they deserve it more than anything… stay tuned for the build.

Master bedroom… or dumping grounds… either way… it needs love… lots of it.

As you continue reading… you’ll find that renovations is one thing… cleaning up all the junk…
completely different story.

Phew…done clearing the space.

With all the furniture and junk out of the way… the carpet was bare and not looking too good.
All the areas of carpet near the windows and doors suffered UV degradation and discolouring.

Yup… I couldn’t stand it and convinced my parents to drop some coin on hardwood.

First major section of carpet… out.

Carpet and underlay out… it’s pretty heavy stuff.

Baseboards out….

After the removing everything… I had the chance to assess the subfloor… there was a section
where two panels met that bowed up… good eye how… so lines were snapped and it was ready to be cut out.

Close up of the bump.

So I finally got around to clearing the closet… thanks Tiff.

The closet suffered a bit of water damage due to an open tap on the upstairs bathroom…
This was how it looked after stripping all the taping and flakey paint off.

Mudded up… taping corners is an art that I am not talented at.

Took my mom to shop for flooring… sweet dude.

Remember that section of subfloor… yup… gone.

I really wanted to shoot the builders when I saw this… they just hacked at the joists.
This did not allow for the subfloor to be nailed down properly… resulting in squeaking.

A new 2 x 4 section fitted in… also… I had to sand the entire 14′ section of joists to ensure
a flat level surface… and popped 1200 screws into the subfloor.  Until the next post…
I promise it won’t be a month later.

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