February 16th, 2013


Affectionately known as Pemby.

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.44.31 AM

This cozy town is tucked away 1/2 hr north of whistler. (Depending on who’s driving;)
Things I’m missing… no particular order:


Mountains… and riding them.


Black Cottonwood trees…  imagine giant dandelions.


Bike rides.


Random hikes.. (1mile lake)


Durvin’ twisties. (Above | Sea to sky hwy… Below | Lillooet)


After all this mountain driving, I finally understood chassis flex, oil starvation, and o2 depravation induced power loss… sigh… but I digress…Pemby will definitely hold a special place in my heart…


Whether riding through sun showers.


Or her crisp nights and star filled skies…
If you’re ever in Vancouver and have the desire to get out of the city…
This is the place to be.

February 10th, 2013


Damn…I’ve been off the grid for too long.
This post will be an attempt to summarize the tail end of 2012.
More importantly… give you an idea of what’s to come.

Let’s pick up where I left off, in Pemby.


A typical grocery run/walk into town.


When I first moved in and walked into the garage, these were the first things that caught my eye.
I quickly learned that skiing/snowboarding, & mtb (activities that were very foreign to me) was life here…The question is… what the hell was I doing in BC anyways?
Well an old friend and classmate Shane, hooked up a helper monkey position @ FYi.


FYi is a vertical design firm on the forefront of technical apparel.


From design, to patterning, to prototyping solutions… everything was done in house. I was fortunate enough to learn from the greats.


But those 2 months just blitzed by.


and I was on the road again.

EDIT Travel Map 2012

This time across the US of A.


First stop… Seattle to visit Javor! I haven’t seen her since ’05 i think.


Then to Matt & Mandy’s place in Portland.


After catching up with Matt, I was back on the road and beelined it to Utah where I got some needed rest.


As the next couple of days were packed with a few national park explorations. Bryce National Park.


Zion National Park… Yes it just keeps getting bigger and better.


Grand Canyon North Rim… all three parks left me speechless.


Forgot to mention the entire trip I was nursing downhill mtb injuries… So after the Grand Canyon.. I made every effort to get back home quick… Fresh scabs + unrelenting heat = not good… Finally made it to my cousins new home in Michigan!


Literally a week after I got home… there was record rainfall in Toronto and surrounding areas…
With my luck… I hydrolocked my motor two blocks away from my home… Two cross country treks with no problem… a small pond that formed on a side street…I had to pull the motor and tranny.

B&C's Wedding 2

September was wedding month… awesome to see three close friends tying the knot! Congratulations Cindy & Bri!


My sista from anotha motha… Krista & Sean.


Then straight to Boston for Sylvian & Porter’s Wedding…. That was an extremely busy month.

EDIT DSC_2785 2

Wait… One more!… Marris & Matt’s in November! Congratulations to all of you guys… Couldn’t be happier for y’all.


It was time for backyard beautification projects, starting with the deck.

EDIT P1140514

Followed by some interlock resetting…

EDIT P1140627

Finishing off with a shed build!!!

I’m sure there’s quite a bit I left out… But I will get to that with detailed posts!
Well there you have it… the last 4 months of my 2012 in a post.
Lots of exciting things coming in 2013! So stay tuned.

June 15th, 2012

Adventure | Camping @ Nairn Falls.

Loaded up and headed a whole 5 km to the campsite!
Here are some highlights.

Tarp set up courtesy of Shane.

Even Dryden came along!…. “CHEEeeeese!”

To wahhhhh in about 2 seconds…


happiest day ever.

“I love trees!”


Almost at the falls



June 7th, 2012

Adventures | xcountry

Here goes…

Day 1 – Markham, ON – Sault Saint Marie, ON

Pancake Bay Provincial Park – Conditions… Thunderstorm… that was at least until I finished setting up my tent…

It was THIS ten minutes after I finished setting up my tent.

Temperatures plummeted as it rained throughout the night…  The beach looked almost spooky the next morning.

Day 2 – Sault Saint Marie, ON – Thunder Bay, ON

Only in Wawa do you see awesome shit like this.

Scott: Where are you? Thunder Bay? Beth & Dave live there… go visit them.

After a few phone calls, I was pulling up to their house.  They live on a 15 acres, have animals like Ester the lama! she protects the sheep!

They also have chicken that lay their eggs and then get used for meat.

‘ella is adorable and very lucky to have such awesome parents.

We then went to Kakabeka Falls, Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Thunderbay and Sault Saint Marie was experiencing floods.  The falls were flowing at 12 times it’s average..

The mist it was generated from the falls.

Day 3 – Thunderbay, ON – Regina, Sasketchewan

Finally… Blue skies.

Too much sun can be bad sometimes… pulling over to rehydrate.

Then you hit the Praries… I didn’t really understand why people think it sucks driving through here… I think it’s nice…

Until the sun’s shining directly in your eyeball for 2 hrs. and your windshield is covered with bugs…

Day 4 – Regina, Sasketchewan – Calgary, Alberta

Early morning start.

Told you… one million!

As I got into Calgary… I saw them in the distance… View from Bry’s apt.

Day 5 – Calgary, Alberta – Vancouver, British Columbia.

Banff National Park – Mount Rundle

A view from behind the Fairmont Banff Springs.

Building, sky, mountain, sweet.

Even the hiking trails were beautiful.

Hiking along the Bow River.

After that I headed to Lake Louise.

I know right?

Great camo.

I have a thing with reflections.

Shot to death.

I wonder if I could get this shot at toogood pond… ha

A picture from the other side! that’s how far I hiked!

After Lake Louise… I pinned it for Vancouver… twas a treacherous drive…

But well worth it!.. There I met up with Geoff!!

And the most well mannered happy dogs I’ve ever seen.  June bug.

Day 7 – Vancouver, BC – Pemberton, BC

Well.. Here I am parked outside my new place in Pemby.  That in the distance is Curry mountain!

There it is… another one for the books!

June 7th, 2012

Sightings | wwyd?

June 5th, 2012

Aujourd’hui | Rewind.

I guess I should start where I trailed off.

I spent the following weekends in Picton undoing everything.

Everything I could take I pulled.

and transferred into whaaaaa????

Yup… convertible…

Still difficult to look at and difficult to let go.

But I guess I wouldn’t have found this one. Vert after the suspension swap.

Scott, Vic, & Izzy catching some z’s…. Thanks for all the help guys.

A couple months and some adjustments and she’s ready for the roadtrip to Vancouver?????
More to come!

February 9th, 2012

Adventures | Portaging Wren Lake

Amidst all the chaos at home, Rose asks me if I wanted to go camping/portaging.

Not remembering the last time it happened, I was glad to have tagged along.

There were two short treks with the canoes before we arrived at the campsite.

There we found some flat grounds and set up shop.

We had some delicious food, and lots of it.

Sat by the camp fire, and just did nothing. Init beautiful?

I can wake up to this anytime. (Just have to mention that this was Rose’s brand new tent she lent me.)

There she is… thank you so much for inviting me Rose. Leadership, care, organization, all those years spent scouting really shows in everything you do.

March 29th, 2011

Itinerary | whirlwindweek

So pretty much the day after finishing the skid plate…

I park and fly out for a week to San Francisco and New Orleans for a work research trip.

Day 1 SF… we did a bit of shopping… I bought a Mulholland Angler’s messenger bag.
and ended up in this fishing shop… I do like the colours of the lures… A component on some
of the pieces made by friends at Crocodile Tears.

See that sun… that was just about the last of it… the 2 days following was full of wind and rain.

Up in Haight St… I would love to do an expedition in that… well maybe with a set of Recaros.

What is this??? it has to be at least.. 2 x bigger.

Can you imagine 50 years down the road… I could see myself owning something like this..

SF Day 2 – Fatlace in jpntwn… I do want to get one of those pray for japan stickers.

Rightfully parked outside the store.

After that we headed over the golden gate bridge and ended up by the docks…
i like the camo pattern going on between the rust and moss.

Zee bridge.

I forgot to note… today is the day  I left my sd card in my laptop…
i had about 10 shots worth in the internal memory… so I had to use them wisely.

I don’t recall ever seeing a lit sewer drain…

Wow… Altima Donk!

Ah… Much better… Benz wagon on lm’s… yessir.

Day 4 – New Orleans… I’m glad we decided to come here as a group…
the vibe of this city is unlike any other I’ve been to.

I was alive… 24/7… we got there on a Sunday… and pretty much went to sleep round 2:30 – 3 am every night.

Music… food… culture… art… fun… it’s all here.

Need to recite a drunken poem at 3am?… check.

Nola Day 2 – Willie Mae’s Fried Chicken… it was delicious.   I had pretty much everything.

A view from the river in…

The train goes through the city.


Started the day off just walking around…

then headed off to a swamp tour…

sweet bridge…

and swamp trees…

It’s crazy to think that these houses were under water when Katrina hit.

Ended our night off at NOLA… Chef Emeril Lagasse’s Restaurant… thanks for the tip Scott!

December 7th, 2010

Weekend in NY

Saturday Brunch was awesome…

Quick game of… I forgot what it was called.

After that… we filled a couple of jars with whiskey… and we were off.

for a walk in the park!

It got dark quick.

And cold…

Still ended up climbing a tree… super random… but fun.

Steph will take pics with pretty much anything…

November 15th, 2010

Adventures | Bos>HK>CHN>VN>HK>BOS

AND…. I’m back.

Just a few pics from the trip…

Typical drive back from the factory… This was in China… by the end of these drives, your neck feels amazing.

At the tailors spot in Vietnam… That day it rained the most in Ho Chi Mihn in 50 Years… and I went for a scooter ride in that rain… I’ve never felt so alive in a while… Thanks Sang.

We ended up around the China town area… She took me through some alleyways, and ended up in a market that was only wholesale fabrics and sewing accessories.  I ended up buying 8 large spools and 40 small spools of thread!

No trek would be complete without some street food!

Wrapped that night up with several drinks on the terrace.

And… I’m back. Sorry for the lack of photos… I either forgot my cam… or it was too rainy to even take it out.

Here’s the damage after unpacking… I think I did pretty well no?

Quick close up… Matte cutter, thread, pinking shears, perforation cutter… etc etc etc.

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