February 10th, 2013


Damn…I’ve been off the grid for too long.
This post will be an attempt to summarize the tail end of 2012.
More importantly… give you an idea of what’s to come.

Let’s pick up where I left off, in Pemby.


A typical grocery run/walk into town.


When I first moved in and walked into the garage, these were the first things that caught my eye.
I quickly learned that skiing/snowboarding, & mtb (activities that were very foreign to me) was life here…The question is… what the hell was I doing in BC anyways?
Well an old friend and classmate Shane, hooked up a helper monkey position @ FYi.


FYi is a vertical design firm on the forefront of technical apparel.


From design, to patterning, to prototyping solutions… everything was done in house. I was fortunate enough to learn from the greats.


But those 2 months just blitzed by.


and I was on the road again.

EDIT Travel Map 2012

This time across the US of A.


First stop… Seattle to visit Javor! I haven’t seen her since ’05 i think.


Then to Matt & Mandy’s place in Portland.


After catching up with Matt, I was back on the road and beelined it to Utah where I got some needed rest.


As the next couple of days were packed with a few national park explorations. Bryce National Park.


Zion National Park… Yes it just keeps getting bigger and better.


Grand Canyon North Rim… all three parks left me speechless.


Forgot to mention the entire trip I was nursing downhill mtb injuries… So after the Grand Canyon.. I made every effort to get back home quick… Fresh scabs + unrelenting heat = not good… Finally made it to my cousins new home in Michigan!


Literally a week after I got home… there was record rainfall in Toronto and surrounding areas…
With my luck… I hydrolocked my motor two blocks away from my home… Two cross country treks with no problem… a small pond that formed on a side street…I had to pull the motor and tranny.

B&C's Wedding 2

September was wedding month… awesome to see three close friends tying the knot! Congratulations Cindy & Bri!


My sista from anotha motha… Krista & Sean.


Then straight to Boston for Sylvian & Porter’s Wedding…. That was an extremely busy month.

EDIT DSC_2785 2

Wait… One more!… Marris & Matt’s in November! Congratulations to all of you guys… Couldn’t be happier for y’all.


It was time for backyard beautification projects, starting with the deck.

EDIT P1140514

Followed by some interlock resetting…

EDIT P1140627

Finishing off with a shed build!!!

I’m sure there’s quite a bit I left out… But I will get to that with detailed posts!
Well there you have it… the last 4 months of my 2012 in a post.
Lots of exciting things coming in 2013! So stay tuned.

June 5th, 2012

Aujourd’hui | Rewind.

I guess I should start where I trailed off.

I spent the following weekends in Picton undoing everything.

Everything I could take I pulled.

and transferred into whaaaaa????

Yup… convertible…

Still difficult to look at and difficult to let go.

But I guess I wouldn’t have found this one. Vert after the suspension swap.

Scott, Vic, & Izzy catching some z’s…. Thanks for all the help guys.

A couple months and some adjustments and she’s ready for the roadtrip to Vancouver?????
More to come!

March 8th, 2012

Chop Shop | Scaffold build

Storage shortage 101… build upwards son.

There was really only one restriction.  The scaffold could not be any lower than the entrance height.

Basic framework laid out.  It will be a 5’x9′ platform.  Used for seasonally accessed items.

In retrospect I should have used a 2″ x 8″ to span the length… but the scaffold to the right has held up pretty well over the past 7 years.

A look from the entrance… plenty of head room.

First sheet of ply up…. I ripped 5’x4′ sheets and walked up the ladder to get them up there.

Phew… 1 up… one to go.

What do you mean 1 up one to go?… well the other scaffold was a bit low… underneath it was more of a crawl space than actual usable space.

Everything came down.

Since I was rebuilding, might as well make them the same width.

Set the height and fix the stud into the brick.

It was nice to have the old scaffold there to work on while building the new one.

Beams up.

Rolled the Healey forward a couple feet to up the ply up.

Done and done.  Time to put everything back and clean up.

No more 2×4’s to the dome.

Used the scraps leftover to build a storage rack.

There it is… just a few more things to put away.

February 29th, 2012

Chop Shop | t500rs + ps3 + gt5 = geekfest

When the first floor was about 1/2 way done, I received my t500rs wheel & PS3.  I’m way late on this one yes.  No one could believe I dumped so much on a system, when I haven’t touched a game since SNES. But I think everyone who’s played gt5 with the wheel have since changed their minds.

PS3 Unboxing.

The T500rs was pretty hefty. 40lbs!

Cockpit V 1.0.  You can google t500rs and read about it; solid wheel/pedal set.

Yeah V1.0 didn’t last for long.

I never used my creeper that much… especially with the texture on the garage floor now. That became the chassis I put everything on. The square iron was from an old workout bench.

Seat mounts out of some scrap 2×4.

That was the basic layout of the V 2.0. The wheel pivoted out of the way when getting in and out.

With no weight at the front it got ass heavy… especially if you had long legs… skateboard wheels were perfect for a wheelie bar.

This was a crude setup… but you get the point… It’s pretty sweet.

How approves.

As nice as that setup was, it still wasn’t there. The force feedback was too much for the shotty build.  I knew I needed something stronger.  Since It was going to be a finalized version, I inverted the pedals to “gt” style (upside down).

Here it is set into the frame.





So I’m not too sure why I didn’t take any photos inbetween… But here it is… Finished.

The final cockpit was compact and there was no steering column between your legs.

The new steering column extended horizontally on a rail system and was set with the wingnut.

Finally mounted the PS3 and the wheel’s power supply.

A look from above… gt5 is so zen and frustrating at the same time.

A look from below.  No column in the middle is way better.  I would definitely like to give the Logitech G27 a try someday to compare.  But I’m more than happy with the current setup.

February 29th, 2012

Renos | Mirror rorriM

A mirror in the front foyer is your double check before you walk out.

That had been missing for a couple weeks now. With everything painted and buttoned up. It was time to put the new one up.

You might have wondered what that structure was.  Well if you remember removing the last mirror (glued to the wall), I definitely didn’t want that kind of damage. The solution was a few angled cuts off a 2×4, essentially creating a locking system.

The result was 4 screws into studs. Minimal drywall damage, tonnes of support.

Mount and paint the frame. Oh yeah run your wires as well.

Cause shit’s backlit yo.

February 27th, 2012

Made | Front door threshold

The front foyer was lookin better.

Except when you opened the door.

The extruded plastic threshold took a beating from the contractors.

When they were removing the tiles… they used the threshold as a fulcrum for their pry bar… grrreat.

Of course that piece was so old there was no replacement.

So I ripped my own out of scrap leftover from the flooring.  Wooden extrusion ftw.

Close up of how everything pieced together.

February 14th, 2012

Renos | Structure

Remember that giant hole I punched through?  Well that wall was load bearing. According to code, specific lengths of spans in openings needed adequate structure to support what was above it.

The hole I punched through was roughly 10′ in width.  Going on the safe side (aka overkill) of things,  I went with two 2×12″ beams  to span and support the length.  The crudely drawn diagram gives an idea of how things are put together.

Instead of what you saw in the diagram, Iended up running the packing studs (two 2×6″) all the way down the sides. It just made more sense to transfer the weight directly to the ground.

In order to do that with minimal demo, I opened up the sides to allow for the packing studs to slide in.

Here’s how the packing studs fit.  Holes were predrilled before hand to run the 14/2 wiring for the pot lights above.

Voila! no more studs!

Here’s a better look at the packing studs.  The slits in the drywall were from the sawsall… I had to cut the studs to accommodate two 2×4″ beams across. The drywall was such a hack job. I should have used a better tool.  A big thank you to How for helping me out with the beam.

February 13th, 2012

Renos | Hole in wall

“What if we knocked down the wall that separates the kitchen and family room?”

This has been talked about for years, but with everything out, now was the time.

After a ton of research and a visit to my neighbours house (same house with an opening)  I gathered up the courage and started cutting away.

I knifed in the outline, then cut the large piece into sections for easy removal.

In hindsight, I should have just bought the dremel multimax first. The cut would have been much cleaner.

See what I mean?  the knife blade did not penetrate all the way through the drywall. So instead of coming off as even sheets, it came of as chunks.

So that was the easy part. The new structure that had to replace the 2×4 verticals supporting the roof was the tough part.

The open concept brought light into the dimly lit family room and front foyer.


February 10th, 2012

Reno | Garage cabinetry

My motto has been to make everything out of existing things or scrap material.

This was an extra cabinet from the kitchen reno I did a while back.  Like many things in our house, it was junk just sitting in the basement.

I saw potential.  Here’s a quick test fit.

All black everything.

The table surface was pretty banged up and was mahogany in colour. It also did not match the trim around the doors and drawers.

A little sanding goes a long way.

So does a little staining!

I also made a little storage rack and put a couple of magnetic bars across for hand tools.

Here’s how it all looks so far. Remember this: the garage has gone through a couple of transformations since.

February 7th, 2012

Renos | Chop shop storage

The wooden garage doors have seen some weathering over the years.

Everything was cleared out after laying down the flooring, so I took the opportunity to clean and stain them.

A major problem with the garage that had to be addressed was the lighting.

That 100w single bulb just wasn’t cutting it.

So I ran 2 fluorescents closer to the ground.

Even light coverage was the goal, but the area between the garage doors was always the dim spot, especially with them open.

The void between the doors created a perfect opportunity for a storage/lighting rack.

Almost done the main section.

Running some wiring for the fluourescents &  pull down extension.

Lights in!

Found an L bracket that fits the extension reel perfectly.

Quick test to see that everything’s in working order.

Up she goes.  Quite a bit of research was done on roof trusses to make sure the rack lighting was adequately supported.

Flashing was inserted in between the doors to prevent further weathering.

Finally the vertical storage shelves.


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