February 10th, 2013


Damn…I’ve been off the grid for too long.
This post will be an attempt to summarize the tail end of 2012.
More importantly… give you an idea of what’s to come.

Let’s pick up where I left off, in Pemby.


A typical grocery run/walk into town.


When I first moved in and walked into the garage, these were the first things that caught my eye.
I quickly learned that skiing/snowboarding, & mtb (activities that were very foreign to me) was life here…The question is… what the hell was I doing in BC anyways?
Well an old friend and classmate Shane, hooked up a helper monkey position @ FYi.


FYi is a vertical design firm on the forefront of technical apparel.


From design, to patterning, to prototyping solutions… everything was done in house. I was fortunate enough to learn from the greats.


But those 2 months just blitzed by.


and I was on the road again.

EDIT Travel Map 2012

This time across the US of A.


First stop… Seattle to visit Javor! I haven’t seen her since ’05 i think.


Then to Matt & Mandy’s place in Portland.


After catching up with Matt, I was back on the road and beelined it to Utah where I got some needed rest.


As the next couple of days were packed with a few national park explorations. Bryce National Park.


Zion National Park… Yes it just keeps getting bigger and better.


Grand Canyon North Rim… all three parks left me speechless.


Forgot to mention the entire trip I was nursing downhill mtb injuries… So after the Grand Canyon.. I made every effort to get back home quick… Fresh scabs + unrelenting heat = not good… Finally made it to my cousins new home in Michigan!


Literally a week after I got home… there was record rainfall in Toronto and surrounding areas…
With my luck… I hydrolocked my motor two blocks away from my home… Two cross country treks with no problem… a small pond that formed on a side street…I had to pull the motor and tranny.

B&C's Wedding 2

September was wedding month… awesome to see three close friends tying the knot! Congratulations Cindy & Bri!


My sista from anotha motha… Krista & Sean.


Then straight to Boston for Sylvian & Porter’s Wedding…. That was an extremely busy month.

EDIT DSC_2785 2

Wait… One more!… Marris & Matt’s in November! Congratulations to all of you guys… Couldn’t be happier for y’all.


It was time for backyard beautification projects, starting with the deck.

EDIT P1140514

Followed by some interlock resetting…

EDIT P1140627

Finishing off with a shed build!!!

I’m sure there’s quite a bit I left out… But I will get to that with detailed posts!
Well there you have it… the last 4 months of my 2012 in a post.
Lots of exciting things coming in 2013! So stay tuned.

June 5th, 2012

Aujourd’hui | Rewind.

I guess I should start where I trailed off.

I spent the following weekends in Picton undoing everything.

Everything I could take I pulled.

and transferred into whaaaaa????

Yup… convertible…

Still difficult to look at and difficult to let go.

But I guess I wouldn’t have found this one. Vert after the suspension swap.

Scott, Vic, & Izzy catching some z’s…. Thanks for all the help guys.

A couple months and some adjustments and she’s ready for the roadtrip to Vancouver?????
More to come!

March 2nd, 2012

Renos | double vanity

The double vanity for the master bath arrives.

The unboxing wasn’t too pretty.

There she is. Mom obviously happy.


February 29th, 2012

Renos | Mirror rorriM

A mirror in the front foyer is your double check before you walk out.

That had been missing for a couple weeks now. With everything painted and buttoned up. It was time to put the new one up.

You might have wondered what that structure was.  Well if you remember removing the last mirror (glued to the wall), I definitely didn’t want that kind of damage. The solution was a few angled cuts off a 2×4, essentially creating a locking system.

The result was 4 screws into studs. Minimal drywall damage, tonnes of support.

Mount and paint the frame. Oh yeah run your wires as well.

Cause shit’s backlit yo.

February 29th, 2012

Renos | Closet coordination.

With the closet finished… I had an Idea.

To put a standard plastic drawer organizer in for the little things.

Here’s how it looked.  I then built a shelving system around it with some scrap.

Quick test fit.  Now to put some shelves and poles in.



February 27th, 2012

Made | Front door threshold

The front foyer was lookin better.

Except when you opened the door.

The extruded plastic threshold took a beating from the contractors.

When they were removing the tiles… they used the threshold as a fulcrum for their pry bar… grrreat.

Of course that piece was so old there was no replacement.

So I ripped my own out of scrap leftover from the flooring.  Wooden extrusion ftw.

Close up of how everything pieced together.

February 27th, 2012

Renos | Foyer & hallway.

I’m approaching the 4th month of the reno… and the little things that were missing began to drive everyone crazy.

For example… the front foyer’s closet.  There was no door for over a month.  Ughh… everything was exposed. I forgot to take a before picture but it was a mess.  I don’t like mess…. Here it is, gutted, ready for a makeover.

Closer look at everything… the hell was I thinking years ago when I installed that closet organizer?

At least the outside started looking respectable.

Hallway return vent centred and painted.

Staircase stringer straightened.

I ended up painting from the hallway to the kitchen.


February 26th, 2012

Renos | Family room. Finally.

The next morning… I started priming.

Blew through a whole can for both sides.

A good paint job is all in the prep work.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  It made all that sanding worth while.

Paint is up.  We just went with the same paint colour as the back wall.

We had the flooring contractors custom make a ledge in cabreuva.

My favourite part was actually the baseboard mitre. Took me a couple tries to get it right.

The post doesn’t look so out of place anymore does it.

Here’s a shot from the kitchen looking in.

Quick shot of the room with the important furniture trickling in… namely the sofa and the television.


February 25th, 2012

Renos | More filling & sanding

While I was waiting on yet another skim coat to dry.

I started ripping off the trim on this column.  It was a bit tacky and on top of that it was painted using the same high gloss white as the baseboards… bleh.


Much better.

Sanding near the crown moulding.

Hallway return vent hole almost ready for primer.

Hole in wall is pretty much complete, one last coat of filler on the post!

February 25th, 2012

Renos | Small adjustments.

I recently read an article in Businessweek on Michael Woodward’s fiasco with Olympus. When he was working his way up the ranks, he headed up a small division.  His entire staff focused on the smallest client oriented details.  “It was the thousand little things that set us apart from the competitors”.

Over the years, our home took its toll. There were many areas that needed obvious improvement, yet some stayed invisible to most.  No one really understood why I went through the trouble of correcting something that couldn’t be seen. I would have just done myself a disservice by building and compounding upon those defects.

Case and point… The stringer.  It was warped pretty bad.  It didn’t deflect over the years, the builders chose a deformed piece of wood and built upon it.  Upon realizing, they put a shitty piece of moulding to cover the gap.  Ripping out the stringer would have meant taking the entire first set of stairs out.  I compromied and made the necessary changes.

I first trimmed the visible side so it was perpendicular.

Then added a block to visually extend the stringer.

Added 1/8″ thick scrap with the same stain, filled, sanded, and replaced the baseboard.

All while I was adjusting this grossly off centre return vent.  Everyone thought I was making more work for myself… that I was starting a new project.  I wasn’t, look at the baseboard… to have a new vent fit, the drywall would have to be raised. That seam was going to be long and difficult to fill.

So measure and use 2 short seams… Voila! c’est bon.

And while that was drying… put the nth coat of filler on the wall… that was getting old.

And while that was drying… the paint had set on the frame, so I put it up.  The Powder room looked complete.  That was a major turning point in the reno… the First finished room!

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