June 15th, 2012

Adventure | Camping @ Nairn Falls.

Loaded up and headed a whole 5 km to the campsite!
Here are some highlights.

Tarp set up courtesy of Shane.

Even Dryden came along!…. “CHEEeeeese!”

To wahhhhh in about 2 seconds…


happiest day ever.

“I love trees!”


Almost at the falls



February 9th, 2012

Adventures | Portaging Wren Lake

Amidst all the chaos at home, Rose asks me if I wanted to go camping/portaging.

Not remembering the last time it happened, I was glad to have tagged along.

There were two short treks with the canoes before we arrived at the campsite.

There we found some flat grounds and set up shop.

We had some delicious food, and lots of it.

Sat by the camp fire, and just did nothing. Init beautiful?

I can wake up to this anytime. (Just have to mention that this was Rose’s brand new tent she lent me.)

There she is… thank you so much for inviting me Rose. Leadership, care, organization, all those years spent scouting really shows in everything you do.

December 7th, 2010

Weekend in NY

Saturday Brunch was awesome…

Quick game of… I forgot what it was called.

After that… we filled a couple of jars with whiskey… and we were off.

for a walk in the park!

It got dark quick.

And cold…

Still ended up climbing a tree… super random… but fun.

Steph will take pics with pretty much anything…

November 15th, 2010

Adventures | Bos>HK>CHN>VN>HK>BOS

AND…. I’m back.

Just a few pics from the trip…

Typical drive back from the factory… This was in China… by the end of these drives, your neck feels amazing.

At the tailors spot in Vietnam… That day it rained the most in Ho Chi Mihn in 50 Years… and I went for a scooter ride in that rain… I’ve never felt so alive in a while… Thanks Sang.

We ended up around the China town area… She took me through some alleyways, and ended up in a market that was only wholesale fabrics and sewing accessories.  I ended up buying 8 large spools and 40 small spools of thread!

No trek would be complete without some street food!

Wrapped that night up with several drinks on the terrace.

And… I’m back. Sorry for the lack of photos… I either forgot my cam… or it was too rainy to even take it out.

Here’s the damage after unpacking… I think I did pretty well no?

Quick close up… Matte cutter, thread, pinking shears, perforation cutter… etc etc etc.

October 29th, 2010

Itinerary | Far-east-bound

24hrs before I ship off…

I will be starting my next project on the plane.  Stay tuned!

May 20th, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo… Day 2

Every day has been pretty packed…

EDIT P1060254

We hit the imperial palace today… Sylvian and Elo were navigating… I just tagged along…

EDIT P1060250

I love the contrast between nature and the city scape… Tokyo has all of these little gardens and parks sprinkled throughout the city… they’re very calm and peaceful =)

EDIT P1060258

A shot near the front gates.

EDIT P1060261

We hiked it up near the gates of the Imperial Palace… they only open the doors twice a year to the public.

EDIT P1060264

The moat built around the palace was beautiful and tranquil.

EDIT P1060270

Sylvian and Elo expressing their toyko happiness!

EDIT P1060281

There’s nothing quite like this city… the urban planning is just right.

EDIT P1060279

Sylvian and Elo again… they’re 2 of my favourite girls at Reebok…

EDIT P1060288

After that, we headed to Ginza and the fish market… we walked underneath the train tunnel and found a lil restaurant tucked away… we had dinner there afterwards…

EDIT P1060300

Have I mentioned anything about the bikes here yet?… They’re wicked… check out the brake lever on this commuter…

EDIT P1060310

We finally hit the fish market!

EDIT P1060312

Crispy fins anyone… they’re so good.

EDIT P1060315

Elo posing next to her favourite van…

EDIT P1060317

Here are the vehicles they used to transport the tuna… it’s quite interesting as the engine and drive system are housed in that column… you’re basically turning a motor directly chain driven to the wheel… must be heavy no?

EDIT P1060319

Repsol action!

EDIT P1060322

We stopped off at a fast food joint to grab some bbq’d sea urchin and oysters… EDIT P1060325

Wouldn’t be a trek out to the fish market without taking a look at their knives…

EDIT P1060328

Squids getting hung out to dry.

EDIT P1060332

We were lucky to catch this ramen noodle spot before it closed… it was delicious…

EDIT P1060334

My sub par writing/photography skills do not do it justice at all… it was delish.

EDIT P1060340

“Putin ta merde!” lol… too funny!

EDIT P1060342

The diversity of style in just about everything is what I love about Japan… there is such a need to be different… check this bike out… it is badass.

EDIT P1060345

As we headed out of the fish market… we spotted this ginormous tuna head just chillin…

EDIT P1060369

Passed by the OG Kabooki theatre… too bad it was under construction… Japanese opera would have been an unusual treat.

EDIT P1060372

Ducked into a Kimono shop… Check the prints.

EDIT P1060374

Apparently this is one of the busiest streets in Tokyo… It all looks crazy to me.

EDIT P1060381

A lucky shot… Elo trying on a pair of pants at La Foret… oh yeah… the department stores here are insane… We literally spent from 2:30 – close and didn’t even finish…

EDIT P1060402

Closing time… we were all exhausted an thirsty… Sylvian deciding what to buy from the 6 vending machines.


Quick snap outside of Shinjuku Station.

May 18th, 2010

Itinerary | A typical day of work abroad…

6:30am wake up is brutal… but when the trek out to the factory in Vietnam is about 2.5 hours… it’s necessary… on top of that… if you think Boston roads are bad… you need to try the roads in Nam… you actually catch air in your seat… but when you get into the office… You’re greeted with flowers and fruit… I… LOVE… FRUIT.

EDIT P1060134

I this blog isn’t really about food… and I’m not the one to take pics at restaurants… but sometimes… you just have to say fuck it… and take the shot… I think this was a hairy lychee… the core had the same texture as a lychee/longan.

EDIT P1060135

I ate about 1/2 of that plate by myself… my coworkers strayed away from it… just a lil’ too foreign to them.

EDIT P1060136

The plate beside it was this… I don’t know what fruit it was… but it was damn good… sweet… tart… and juicy…

EDIT P1060140

After a long day of work… we drove out to the ferry and was stuck in traffic… So Toby and I relished the opportunity and jumped out to take a stroll.

EDIT P1060144

It was nice to have the chance to step outside the “bubble”… even though it was only 1/2 hr or so…  I just wanted to see and take in as much as possible…

EDIT P1060148

Because it’s a completely different world here…

EDIT P1060158

I didn’t even notice the “la vie” on the umbrella when I took this shot… I just wanted to capture locals going about their business…

EDIT P1060149

Isn’t this crazy?? it would be a crazy load for a pick-up truck… but this their norm and their way of life.

EDIT P1060152

Toby… a fellow colleague… one of those guys you look up to in awe… maybe it’s because he has the heart of an 18 yr old and the wisdom and experience of a 60 yr old… Good times… good conversation…

EDIT P1060153

Several roosters ready to fight…=(

EDIT P1060155

So we’ve walked to the end of the road where the ferry station is… and scooters are pilling in at the dock… our van is still far behind…

EDIT P1060160

We finally get onto the ferry…

EDIT P1060161

I glad I snapped this pic sticking my cam out the window…

EDIT P1060162

The cars were so close to each other… I couldn’t even get out of the sliding doors… this was my view for the entire ferry ride… it would’ve been nice shooting from the ferry.

EDIT P1060164

We finally made it back to Ho Chi Mihn City… but went straight to the “factory dinner”… to have a meal with the factory heads… It was a very pleasant dinner with good company.

EDIT P1060167

We started off with a spicy & sour soup in a coconut shell… oh yeah… this was fine Vietnamese cuisine… Condalisa Rice has been to this restaurant… it was called the Mandarin I think…

EDIT P1060168

Next up was the duck wraps… very similar to Peking duck…

EDIT P1060169

Then it was the prawns… they were amazing… I stopped taking pics after that… don’t know why… maybe I was 3 glasses of wine in.

EDIT P1060172

After that… we got back to the hotel around 11pm… went up to the lounge and met up with some other peeps… here’s the view from the 10th floor… New World Executive lounge + fridge full of beer = awesome.

EDIT P1060176

Good friends… good times… we called it a night at 12:30.

May 18th, 2010

Itinerary | Long overdue…

ADVENTURES!!! I’m sorry haven’t posted in a while… but things have been crazy hectic in the best way possible…. I’ll start you off with a tour I did of the Me Kong Delta River in Vietnam.

EDIT P1050913

We drove about 2.5hrs out of the city and began our tour in a rickity tug boat.

EDIT P1050935

Our first stop was a brick factory… there were 2 kinds of bricks, foundation which were solid, and building bricks, which were hollow.

EDIT P1050936

The hollow bricks were designed to insulate and allow for breezes to pass through.

EDIT P1050944

Couldn’t not get a shot of this lil guy… He was limping because someone stepped on his foot…

EDIT P1050961

Here’s where the bricks are made, the gas powered extruder pushes the clay out, there are wires running perpendicular to the extrusion that cuts the bricks to length… the whole setup is very very primitive, but super efficient.  Notice they are all working women, and not wearing shoes.

EDIT P1050959

The bricks are then carted outside to dry before going into the kiln… it was crazy hot out…

EDIT P1050964

The kilns were huge! They fire 50 – 60,000 bricks in one shot.

EDIT P1050966

But the amazing part was the fact that everything was sustainable.  They used rice grains to fuel the kiln, and they were perfectly gravity fed to ensure an even burn… it was really really cool… the ash leftover from the burn is put back into the river and recycled.

EDIT P1050968

The entire process takes 6 weeks. 4 weeks to fire, 2 weeks for the cool down… we were fortunate enough to see an open kiln.

EDIT P1050971

A view from inside the kiln to the exhaust vent.

EDIT P1050978

Off to the next destination!… Just passing by some other boats… they all had eyes painted on the bow… it was so the fish could see the eyes reflecting off the water.

EDIT P1050982

The next stop was a salt factory… I forgot to mention that 70% of the Me Kong Delta villagers earn a living through coconut farming… and every part of the coconut is used: Core for eating/drinking, the sheaths/husks are dried and used as fertilizer and shelter.

EDIT P1050983

This was interesting… Rats would climb up the trees to eat the coconut… when they’d finish, the coconut would fall to the ground… killing them… the villagers spot the coconuts with the holes and snatch them up for a good coconut infused treat!

EDIT P1050990

SO… back to the salt factory…  they would have large vats of water heated by the same rice grains and gravity fed bins… I love the low tech… The salt would then be scooped out and placed into the baskets… So off to our next destination!

EDIT P1060002

I did mention that coconut farming was big right???

EDIT P1060004

So this was the place where they crack coconuts… whenever you complain about your job or life… please look at this photo… see that mountain behind this gentleman… ALL HIM!… he opens each coconut with a spear dug into the ground… very very difficult… I tried with no success… I didn’t really want to slip and plant my stomach into the spearhead.

EDIT P1060011

We bought some coconut chams for 1000 dong and were off… They… were… AMAZING…

EDIT P1060013

Here’s a shot of the river from behind the tug boat… so far… the tugboat part was kind of touristy… I really thought we were going into the thick of the Me Kong Delta… and was kind of disappointed… Until…

EDIT P1060023

It dropped us off!… that’s where the fun began!

EDIT P1060026

We took a quick hike into the village… it was so hot some of us decided to buy straw hats.

EDIT P1060028

We stopped off at a mat/basket weaving house and had some local fruit with chilli salt… the pineapple tasted like candy… it was unreal.

EDIT P1060035

Here is a mother and a grandmother weaving a mat… notice the “Y” shaped branches holding up the rack…

EDIT P1060036

Now see… THIS WAS FUN… I forgot what the vietnamese word was… but it was such a trip… Sylvian and I sat in the motorcycle cart where it carried only 2 people in the back… it was basically a platform and 2 cushions… no armrest… it was a riot… we were laughing…taking pics… avoiding palm trees… and trying not to die… all at the same time!

EDIT P1060046

We drove past the village… farms… locals buzzed past us… I’ve never felt so alive.

EDIT P1060053

After the 5-10km ride… we hop off and head down a couple roads…

EDIT P1060055

“Road”… aka beaten path…

EDIT P1060057

That led to THIS!!! this was the hut we had our lunch in!

EDIT P1060058

Group shot!

EDIT P1060059

The food was nothing short of amazing…  and it doesn’t get more authentic!

EDIT P1060062

This was the “elephant” fish… It was served in a fresh spring roll wrap with noodles, cucumber, pineapple, and garnish… DELISH.

EDIT P1060066

Can’t forget the giant prawns!

EDIT P1060083

After the eats and a bit of chilling… we walked down another couple of paths and are in greeted by 4 row boats!!! this was what I was expecting the tour to be!…

EDIT P1060098

AND… we’re off!

EDIT P1060108

We paddled through some tight spots in the river and it finally opened up!

EDIT P1060115

We rowed until we reached the tug boat… then headed back… This is the first night I’ve been free… It has been a crazy adventure for the past 2 weeks… and this was only ONE day… I’m in Tokyo right now… I’m just trying to absorb as much as possible… I will try my best to keep ya’ll posted… I hope it was worth the wait.

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