April 15th, 2011

Aujourd’hui | Say no to goodbye

Last day at Reebok… sigh… I will miss everyone.

January 17th, 2011

Aujourd’hui | Well… last week.

The aftermath of a blizzard in Boston…. sweet not.

A lot of cursing and an hour later… she’s free!

September 17th, 2010

Aujourd’hui | BIF 6

Business Innovation Factory.  This collaborative innovation summit was full of inspirational guest speakers.  I think one of the speakers that resonated with me was Dale Dougherty, the Editor and Publisher of Make Magazine.

That was what he closed his presentation with, and I agree.

July 20th, 2010

Chop Shop | Sibling weekend

Anna & Tiff visited over the weekend… it was nice to just chill with them.

EDIT P1070892

Thanks for helping out guys.

EDIT P1070863

Vacuuming the trunk… it’s weird not having to take pictures.

EDIT P1070899

We grabbed some Japanese to go and had dinner on the deck of ICA.

May 29th, 2010

Chop Shop | There will be an update!

But first I would like to announce that I won the dinky toy… Sweet!

Dinky Toy FTW 2

May 18th, 2010

Itinerary | A typical day of work abroad…

6:30am wake up is brutal… but when the trek out to the factory in Vietnam is about 2.5 hours… it’s necessary… on top of that… if you think Boston roads are bad… you need to try the roads in Nam… you actually catch air in your seat… but when you get into the office… You’re greeted with flowers and fruit… I… LOVE… FRUIT.

EDIT P1060134

I this blog isn’t really about food… and I’m not the one to take pics at restaurants… but sometimes… you just have to say fuck it… and take the shot… I think this was a hairy lychee… the core had the same texture as a lychee/longan.

EDIT P1060135

I ate about 1/2 of that plate by myself… my coworkers strayed away from it… just a lil’ too foreign to them.

EDIT P1060136

The plate beside it was this… I don’t know what fruit it was… but it was damn good… sweet… tart… and juicy…

EDIT P1060140

After a long day of work… we drove out to the ferry and was stuck in traffic… So Toby and I relished the opportunity and jumped out to take a stroll.

EDIT P1060144

It was nice to have the chance to step outside the “bubble”… even though it was only 1/2 hr or so…  I just wanted to see and take in as much as possible…

EDIT P1060148

Because it’s a completely different world here…

EDIT P1060158

I didn’t even notice the “la vie” on the umbrella when I took this shot… I just wanted to capture locals going about their business…

EDIT P1060149

Isn’t this crazy?? it would be a crazy load for a pick-up truck… but this their norm and their way of life.

EDIT P1060152

Toby… a fellow colleague… one of those guys you look up to in awe… maybe it’s because he has the heart of an 18 yr old and the wisdom and experience of a 60 yr old… Good times… good conversation…

EDIT P1060153

Several roosters ready to fight…=(

EDIT P1060155

So we’ve walked to the end of the road where the ferry station is… and scooters are pilling in at the dock… our van is still far behind…

EDIT P1060160

We finally get onto the ferry…

EDIT P1060161

I glad I snapped this pic sticking my cam out the window…

EDIT P1060162

The cars were so close to each other… I couldn’t even get out of the sliding doors… this was my view for the entire ferry ride… it would’ve been nice shooting from the ferry.

EDIT P1060164

We finally made it back to Ho Chi Mihn City… but went straight to the “factory dinner”… to have a meal with the factory heads… It was a very pleasant dinner with good company.

EDIT P1060167

We started off with a spicy & sour soup in a coconut shell… oh yeah… this was fine Vietnamese cuisine… Condalisa Rice has been to this restaurant… it was called the Mandarin I think…

EDIT P1060168

Next up was the duck wraps… very similar to Peking duck…

EDIT P1060169

Then it was the prawns… they were amazing… I stopped taking pics after that… don’t know why… maybe I was 3 glasses of wine in.

EDIT P1060172

After that… we got back to the hotel around 11pm… went up to the lounge and met up with some other peeps… here’s the view from the 10th floor… New World Executive lounge + fridge full of beer = awesome.

EDIT P1060176

Good friends… good times… we called it a night at 12:30.

April 19th, 2010

Aujourd’hui | Wilena

Wil et Elena dropped by for the longweekend… I was shooting them all of yesterday… We’ve done a bit of everything… even work!  But honestly… with the right company… you can have fun doing anything… even stats.

EDIT P1050673

Wilena walking into their favourite spot… thanks for coming to visit guys.

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