March 29th, 2011

Itinerary | whirlwindweek

So pretty much the day after finishing the skid plate…

I park and fly out for a week to San Francisco and New Orleans for a work research trip.

Day 1 SF… we did a bit of shopping… I bought a Mulholland Angler’s messenger bag.
and ended up in this fishing shop… I do like the colours of the lures… A component on some
of the pieces made by friends at Crocodile Tears.

See that sun… that was just about the last of it… the 2 days following was full of wind and rain.

Up in Haight St… I would love to do an expedition in that… well maybe with a set of Recaros.

What is this??? it has to be at least.. 2 x bigger.

Can you imagine 50 years down the road… I could see myself owning something like this..

SF Day 2 – Fatlace in jpntwn… I do want to get one of those pray for japan stickers.

Rightfully parked outside the store.

After that we headed over the golden gate bridge and ended up by the docks…
i like the camo pattern going on between the rust and moss.

Zee bridge.

I forgot to note… today is the day  I left my sd card in my laptop…
i had about 10 shots worth in the internal memory… so I had to use them wisely.

I don’t recall ever seeing a lit sewer drain…

Wow… Altima Donk!

Ah… Much better… Benz wagon on lm’s… yessir.

Day 4 – New Orleans… I’m glad we decided to come here as a group…
the vibe of this city is unlike any other I’ve been to.

I was alive… 24/7… we got there on a Sunday… and pretty much went to sleep round 2:30 – 3 am every night.

Music… food… culture… art… fun… it’s all here.

Need to recite a drunken poem at 3am?… check.

Nola Day 2 – Willie Mae’s Fried Chicken… it was delicious.   I had pretty much everything.

A view from the river in…

The train goes through the city.


Started the day off just walking around…

then headed off to a swamp tour…

sweet bridge…

and swamp trees…

It’s crazy to think that these houses were under water when Katrina hit.

Ended our night off at NOLA… Chef Emeril Lagasse’s Restaurant… thanks for the tip Scott!

December 7th, 2010

Weekend in NY

Saturday Brunch was awesome…

Quick game of… I forgot what it was called.

After that… we filled a couple of jars with whiskey… and we were off.

for a walk in the park!

It got dark quick.

And cold…

Still ended up climbing a tree… super random… but fun.

Steph will take pics with pretty much anything…

November 15th, 2010

Adventures | Bos>HK>CHN>VN>HK>BOS

AND…. I’m back.

Just a few pics from the trip…

Typical drive back from the factory… This was in China… by the end of these drives, your neck feels amazing.

At the tailors spot in Vietnam… That day it rained the most in Ho Chi Mihn in 50 Years… and I went for a scooter ride in that rain… I’ve never felt so alive in a while… Thanks Sang.

We ended up around the China town area… She took me through some alleyways, and ended up in a market that was only wholesale fabrics and sewing accessories.  I ended up buying 8 large spools and 40 small spools of thread!

No trek would be complete without some street food!

Wrapped that night up with several drinks on the terrace.

And… I’m back. Sorry for the lack of photos… I either forgot my cam… or it was too rainy to even take it out.

Here’s the damage after unpacking… I think I did pretty well no?

Quick close up… Matte cutter, thread, pinking shears, perforation cutter… etc etc etc.

October 29th, 2010

Itinerary | Far-east-bound

24hrs before I ship off…

I will be starting my next project on the plane.  Stay tuned!

May 25th, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo memoires

So what’s Japan without a lil bit of photo booth action!

Tokyo Crew

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 8

EDIT P1060687

Morning bag of goodies!

EDIT P1060692

So we headed out to Ebisu… Daikanyama to be exact… One of my favourite places… full of really cool shops… VIP vans… and rat rod cafe racers.

EDIT P1060693

And cool bike shops!

EDIT P1060695

If you like bikes… and are in Tokyo… go there…

EDIT P1060697

Elo’s favourite spot!… APC

EDIT P1060700

Sign for a late lunch?… yes please.

EDIT P1060702

What we really should have done was get lunch out the back of one of these vans.

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 7…

EDIT P1060672

So we met up with Saori today… went to the fish market and had some good sushi…

EDIT P1060674

Taxidermy and food… sweet.

EDIT P1060678

A changeroom in Opening Ceremony… Love!

EDIT P1060679

And ended a long day of shopping with the best udon noodles I’ve ever had.

EDIT P1060681

Wouldn’t you say so?

EDIT P1060682

On our way back to the hotel…

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 6… Rainy day wha??

So only Elo and I are left on this trip…

EDIT P1060602

We start our day off as usual… Lawson’s for breakfast snacks…

EDIT P1060605

So we decide to head out to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum… On our way… we pass by a couple of elimentary school kids… loved their bags… buddy system.

EDIT P1060607

I was wondering how these bikes worked… the front end pivots on the main axis.

EDIT P1060610

So we get there… and guess who’s on exhibit?… Hussein Chalayan… Wicked.

EDIT P1060611

Our luck doesn’t end there… We were pretty close to Ryogoku and the Sumo Stadium… so we check to see if there were tickets for tomorrow… and we get there just as the ticket booth was closing and snatched up two tickets!!!

EDIT P1060618

Iced Coffee & tea… Fries… 2 buns… sausage… AND Sumo wrestling?! Elo and I were quite content.

EDIT P1060639

We  caught the final matches of the day… I don’t think we’ve smiled that hard in a while.

EDIT P1060648

Umbrellas filled the air as the crowd exited the stadium… Proper umbrella etiquette is very necessary in these situations.

EDIT P1060658

Sylvian told us about the Bandai showroom… so we booked it over there hoping it would still be open… but we were a bit late.

EDIT P1060654

That didn’t stop us from having fun…

EDIT P1060662

And besides… there’s Kiddyland!  Everything from Pixar to Sanrio to Gibli…

EDIT P1060666

It does get better… Peak Lounge at the Park Hyatt… Think Lost in Translation.

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 5

So it was actually YESTERDAY night that I was out till 4am… and This was the kick in the ass I needed… More coffee!

EDIT P1060571

It’s pretty good stuff.

EDIT P1060572

We passed this bike… I think I’ve seen this bike in an old Tamiya magazine of mine.

EDIT P1060573

The signage here is awesome… The ones on the ground are actually elongated so when you’re looking from afar… they are perfectly legible.

EDIT P1060574

Even the sewer grates are detailed… might as well right…

EDIT P1060577

Vespa + Harley + Akira = the above.

EDIT P1060584

So we finally make it to Senso-Ji Temple…

EDIT P1060586

Everyone takes a photo of the lantern… so I thought I’d shoot the bottom of it.

EDIT P1060589

Tied up prayers?

EDIT P1060594

The temple was quite a tourist trap…so we ducked out early… and hit up a little restaurant. The menu was entirely in Japanese… so we just ordered by dropping our finger on the menu!

EDIT P1060599

After that… we just headed to Harajuku… for some sightseeing and shopping.

EDIT P1060601

Sigh… La Foret… btw.. I really like those I love taboo adverts.

May 21st, 2010

Itinerary | Tokyo Day 4

After a 4am night out with Toby… I started out the day rather slow…

EDIT P1060528

Elo and Sylvian are doing all the ordering…

EDIT P1060531

While I gave myself a quick kick in the arse… coffee here is so abundant and readily available…

EDIT P1060532

I wasn’t all that useless… Here I am playing dad… cutting the meat into bite sized pieces.

EDIT P1060544

After that… we headed out to Akasaka to check out 21_21 Design Sight (Museum)… Such a stunning piece of architecture.

EDIT P1060551

We strolled through another park.. please tell me not every playground in Tokyo is this cool..

EDIT P1060553

Designer playgrounds… it’s kind of unreal.

EDIT P1060557

We found a garden afterwards and just chilled out for 1/2hr… it was nice.

EDIT P1060566

Kohei was telling me about this store called Don Quijote… We found it on the map when we were looking for 21_21… Just imagine Home Depot… Saks… the dollar store… Stop & Shop… Bed Bath & Beyond… Newburry Comics… got together and opened a 7 floor shopping centre.

EDIT P1060570

Time was running out… so we hit the Muji Shop in Shinjuku… Muji and Tokyu hands pretty much put my account in the negative… sigh.

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